Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Teaser "Holy Water" Novel 1 of 5

Hey: I have the first teaser I am posting for you. Sorry, I am behind in posting updated teasers to this blog there are a ton more out there that I haven't share here yet because I just opened this one. I hope that you enjoy this teaser

I stood up quickly and took off running. It was clear to me that I had to get to Dru. I needed to save him from Patrick so he could save me.

I was face first on the ground. I rolled over and saw Zanders kneeling over me.

            Suddenly Zanders laid down over me. Zanders’ full body was now atop my chest. I could hardly breathe because the pressure of his weight was crushing me.

             “Falcon!” I screamed out even though I knew that Falcon was not here and could not save me. I still wanted my Falcon. I still depended upon Falcon, because within the last two weeks I had become bound to him. Falcon was my savior, my hero and my beacon of light. Falcon was the answer to my love’s salvation.

As I looked over my shoulder Zanders was lifting the syringe. He was taunting me by having it within my eye sight. My heart missed a beat and not in a romantic way.

            “Stop it!” I yelled as I began to buck wildly beneath of him. “I am not weak. I am not a D.I.D. I am not some redheaded weakling!”

             “Bravo Ms. Morgan, Bravo.” Zanders laughed evilly. “You should win an Oscar for that performance.”

            “Go to hell!” I clenched my doubled fists as tight as I could manage.

            “Your voice radiates a sense of confidence. However your body if filled with fear. I can smell the terror on your skin…what a luscious and inviting scent it is indeed.”

            “No” I shouted. I thrust my hands against Zanders’ bare chest where his shirt was torn up. I tired with all my might to force the creep off of me. I had no intentions of letting him sedate and kill me!

            His eyes lit up like a deer in the headlights. I could feel his body convulsed atop me. That was until Zanders collapsed beside me. I watched in amazement as his body continued to shake uncontrollably.

            “WTF?!” I shrieked. “How is this possible?” I watched as Zanders dropped the syringe. It rolled away from his hand. I looked closer at Zanders’ chest. I saw that my left palm print was seared into his skin.

“H…Holy Wah…Water.” Zanders sputtered falling into unconsciousness. I left him lying there in the snow.

            “Holy Water?” I thought aloud. “Wait…that was what was in the bottle? Oh my God, that means that it is on my hand!”

             Quickly I walked over to the syringe. With one harsh stomp of my foot I smashed the syringe into small pieces. I wasn’t going to give him another chance to attack me with it.

            At that moment it occurred to me that if I was able to take out Zanders with holy water then I could do the same thing to Patrick. Evil is always the same.

“Dru…” I shouted running toward Patrick and Dru.

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